We provide expert cleaning services that help prevent expensive repair calls, keep your customers and crew healthy, and ensure the best experiences for your guests. Some of our cleaning services are; high dusting, floor scrubbing, tile, wall, ceiling cleaning, pressure washing, and window cleaning. Most of our services are best scheduled to a maintenance plan, but we will come clean any area of your restaurant as a reactionary service as well.


Our team of technicians is capable of performing any repair in your restaurant. We ensure that the correct vendor goes out the first time. We call and troubleshoot as much as we can over the phone before dispatching. We can provide light electrical, plumbing, and kitchen equipment repairs with our handy technicians at a lower cost and only dispatch a Master Electrician, Plumber, or HVAC professional when necessary.

Preventative Maintenance

We provide custom designed preventative maintenance plans to aid in reducing overall repair costs for your restaurant. We have a team that focuses on ice machine cleaning and HVAC/Refirgeration preventative maintenance plans. These plans include cleaning all coils, tubes, fans, motors, and replacing parts as necessary. We offer equipment maintenance plans which include replacing worn parts, cleaning areas that are showing wear, oiling, tightening and inspecting equipment to reduce the chances of future down time. We document all preventative maintenance, provided spreadsheet of HVAC equipment and belt/filter information that can be transferred to the client at anytime. Our techs never walk past an issue without doing or saying something about it. While performing any other task we are constantly looking for preventative maintenance that can be scheduled, which results in less unexpected repair costs. We provide quotes for these preventative repairs and allow you to decide the action to take, even if your team decides to handle the task in-house.


Our private consultant can provide solutions for your restaurant facility team. We can take our outsourced PM plans and help you bring them in-house. We can help design training materials specific to equipment, cleaning, and maintenance. We can help you design restaurant ordering guides, web pages, and tools to assist managers in acquiring only the parts you approve. Talk to our consultant today to learn more.